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Posted June 23, 2014

Lindsey Hurr asks a lot of whys.

As vice president of Immotion Studios, an award-winning national brand development and advertising agency based in Fort Worth, she’s more interested in why a business does what it does instead of what it does.

“Why does a business start up and why does it stay in business?” she asked. “When we know the why, then we ask ‘how can we help?’ We translate why into a brand.”
Hurr knows more than a few things about the hows and whys of brands. She’s one of only a handful of certified brand strategists in the United States and the only one in Texas. Hurr completed advanced coursework through the Brand Establishment, a leading national network of small- to mid-sized ad and PR/marketing agencies, leading to the mastery of brand development.

Since graduating in 1998 with a marketing degree from Texas Christian University (where her daughter has followed in her footsteps as a cheerleader), Hurr has helped clients find their why, develop their brands and integrate marketing plans that are consistent with their brand strategy and positioning. Combining strategy with creativity, Hurr and her team produce awareness and profits for clients.

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