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Home Chef meal kits hit Kroger shelves

The Kroger Co. announced it has rolled out Home Chef meal kits at select locations in Illinois, Kentucky, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin. The meal kits are expected to be introduced in additional markets in 2019.

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Aldi opened a 562,500-sq. ft. regional headquarters

Aldi opened a 562,500-sq. ft. regional headquarters and warehouse in Dinwiddie County, VA. The $57 million project will serve 70 to 80 Aldi stores in the Richmond-Petersburg, Hampton Roads and eastern North Carolina region, including two Richmond-area stores that are under construction. ...Read More


Combined bakery — center-store and fresh bakery — racked up $32 billion in sales, though only reflecting 0.9 percent growth. Why has bakery lagged behind the food sector as a whole and well behind top-performing frozen and refrigerated sectors? And importantly, how can bakery brands and retailers turn the tide? Full ...Read More

Uber CEO: Grocery delivery makes obvious sense

Having found success delivering restaurant meals, Uber's next logical move is to take up grocery delivery, CEO Dara Khosrowshahi told a conference hosted by Vanity Fair magazine. "I think that this product of delivering great quality food to you at home in 30 minutes or less is magical and is going to move into grocery in a way that's fundamental and a lot more people are going to be eating at home," he said. ...Read More

Momentum grows for IBM Food Trust Network

Carrefour will roll out the food supply chain network solution to all of its brands worldwide by 2022, while Topco Associates, Wakefern, and suppliers BeefChain, Dennick Fruit Source, Scoular and Smithfield have joined the blockchain traceability program. ...Read More


Drink your veggies,” “get juiced,” or “Mother Nature’s energy drink” are some of the catch phrases beverage marketers are using to make juice relevant to today’s consumers, many of whom have been avoiding packaged juices the past decade because of their inherent high-sugar content. ...Read More

Baked Good Inclusions

Crunchy or gooey. Bright or bold. Sweet or salty. These are some of the many roles inclusions perform in baked foods when those little extras get folded into batters, layered between dough or sprinkled atop a donut. ...Read More

Plant-based Hamburger

Dutch meat alternative brand Vivera has launched a 100% plant-based hamburger in the UK as it scales up production to meet expected demand in the country.  The Veggie Quarter Pounder aims to mimic the Aberdeen Angus beef burger. Full ...Read More

R-T-E Chilled Oatmeal

Ashley Thompson and Kat Thomas, spotted the need for a fresh, on-the-go, clean label food option that wasn't a cold-pressed juice, Greek yogurt, or protein bar, and created a line of ready-to-eat, chilled overnight oats soaked in almond milk. Full ...Read More

Meal Replacement Drink

Saturo, a ready-to-drink (RTD) non-GMO meal replacement beverage, that has taken Europe by storm, has launched online in the US market. Full ...Read More