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Behind the writing of new e-book ‘Thinking Store Brands First’

Greg Pohlmann, who spent 40 years in the store brand industry, is the author of a new e-book, “Thinking Store Brands First,” which provides best practice guidelines for retailers and wholesalers wanting to enhance customer loyalty and increase operating profits. Full ...Read More


Despite the overall trend toward health and wellness, consumers are still looking to the bakery section for indulgent snacks, particularly seeking new creations and exciting new flavors. Full ...Read More

Meat & Seafood

Winsight Grocery Business editors dish on the latest trends that are heating up meat and seafood departments, some of the most powerful drivers of total store sales. Full ...Read More


Thanks to rising consumer interest in functional ingredients and the idea of food as medicine, the global mushroom market is, well, mushrooming. Full ...Read More

Organic Kombucha

Made exclusively with organic and non-GMO ingredients, the drinks in the KÖE Organic Kombucha range feature a blend of fermented tea and a range of fruit flavors. Full ...Read More

High-caffeine ‘shot’ gummy

Seattle Gummy Company (SGS) has created an innovative high-caffeine, chocolate-flavoured gummy, which it claims has the highest caffeine concentration available on the market. Full ...Read More

Organic cereal for children

Kellogg’s Kashi brand has released a new organic cereal range for children called Kashi by Kids, which has been co-created with children. Full ...Read More

Kit Kat Caramel Bar

Nestlé UK and Ireland’s KitKat brand is introducing a new salted caramel fudge flavoured chocolate bar to its KitKat Chunky product line. Full ...Read More

Vegan Vegetable, Thai Basil Dumplings

Nasoya has launched two vegan varieties of its dumplings: Tofu Vegetable and Thai Basil Vegetable. The products can be pan-fried or steamed in minutes and are USDA Certified Organic. Full ...Read More

Salsa and Tortilla Chips

Fresh Cravings has added a grab-and-go to its line of salsas: Salsa and Tortilla Chips snack packs, intended to provide a healthier snack option for busy parents on the go. Full ...Read More